Create Lists

Create Lists is a program that brings records together, using Boolean logic, into a review file based the data found in the fields of records.   The list created is a capture of what is true in the moment the 

What beneficial uses do Create Lists have? It allows you to…

  • Pull records together that need to have something updated, or deleted
  •  Pull records together for review or maintenance
  • Create lists for tasks, like weeding or for a display
  • View the review file in the Statistics function in order to provide a statistical overview. 
    Are you interested in learning more Click Here to get the basics for creating review files.
Or Click Here to access Getting Started with Create Lists video tutorials

Once you create an awesome list you will want to export it or print it.  

Click here to learn how

We will be adding to this area very soon !  

  • Advanced Searching
  • Searching with Macros
  • Enhanced Searching
  • JSON 
Use the examples below to get started creating lists.  You will soon find yourself expanding on these basic searches.