Patrons added

From Create Lists create a query of patrons added to your library within the last three months.

Find an empty Review File and click on the search Records button. The Query box will open. Set the Record Type to Patron, since those are the types of records you are requesting.

Leave Range set as it is (to search the broadest set of records possible) and start to build your query.

Limit to your patrons by limiting to patrons whose P Type is your library. With your library set, click on Append Line to add another criteria to your query –

The way to restrict to recently added patron is to limit by patron records created within a certain date range.

Type: Patron

Field: Created

Condition: Between

Value A: Start date

Value B: Current date

You could also set the Condition to Greater than and set Value A to a previous date. This will provide a list of patrons added to your library between that date and when you are running the report.

This is as much query as you will need to gather the information you want. Give the query a Name and click on Search to submit your query.

The report will run and retrieve the records that meet your search criteria. This will give you a total number of new patrons added, to work with those records you will want to Export the records to a spreadsheet.