Create List – Getting started

Learn your way around

Toolbar Menu

  • Append – Add records to a review file.
  • Dedupe – Remove duplicate records from a review file.
  • Copy – Copy an existing review file to an empty review file.
  • Empty – Clear or empty a selected review file.
  • Rename – Rename the selected review file.
  • Own – Claim ownership of a review file.Release – Release ownership of a review file.
  • Cancel – Ends the current process for the selected review file. 

Button Menu

  • View Drop-Down Menu – Filters the view between All review files or those that are Complete, In Progress, Empty or Limited.
    • All – Default selection. Shows all available review files.
    • Complete – Shows all completed lists.
    • In Progress – Shows lists that are currently in progress.
    • Empty – Shows all empty review files.
    • Limited – Shows all empty review files and completed lists for the current user.
  • Search Records – Opens the Boolean Search screen for the selected review file.
  • Sort Records – Sorts the selected list based on the parameters selected.
  • List Records – Prints the selected list based on the parameters selected.
  • Export Records – Exports the selected list based on the parameters selected.
  • Show Records – Shows the records retrieved for the selected list.
  • Show Info – Shows the parameters entered for the selected list.

Tab Menu

  • Review Files – Shows the Review Files.
  • Saved Searches – Shows the Saved Searches.
  • Saved Sorts – Shows the Saved Sorts.
  • Saved Lists – Shows the Saved Lists.
  • Saved Exports – Shows the Saved Exports.

Sorting Headers:  To sort the Review Files by the following fields, select the header once for Ascending and twice for descending order.

Name – Name assigned to review file.

Current Records – Number of records the search compiled.

Max Records – Maximum number of records the review file can hold.

Type – Type of records stored in the list.

Status – Status of the review file: complete, in progress, or empty

Login – The login or username used to create the list.

Created [date/time] – Date and time the list was completed.