Generate a report of Items that have not circulated in 3 years.

Find an empty Review File and click on the search Records button. The Query box will open. Set the Record Type to Item, since those are the types of records you are requesting.

Leave Range set as it is (to search the broadest set of records possible) and start to build your query.

Limit to your library’s items by limiting to items where the Location is your library. With your library set, click on Append Line to add another criteria to your query.

Set the Type to Item, Field to LOUTDATE (this represents the Last Out Date in Sierra), and then set the date with the Condition and Value A. Set the Condition to Less than, since you are looking for any item record whose last out date is before the date you set in Value A.

You will also want to add a line for Created. This is because if a record has no LOUTDATE, because it has never circulated, it would appear in your results if you do not add this line. This will ensure that you do not return records added to your collection recently that have not circulated yet.

With you query set, click on Search.