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Welcome. A new experience is coming! Patrons will soon discover Mid-Hudson libraries in a whole new way using our new discovery platform, Vega Discover. The platform has been specifically designed with public library patron experience in mind. Its advantages include consolidated format and edition displays, greater eContent integration, more tools for patrons to manager their wish lists and library accounts, linked data via BIBFRAME, and publishable showcases.

The site is already live and can be accessed by the link above. The official roll out to patrons and switch to Vega Discover as our main catalog will be happening in late 2023 and early 2024.

We will be holding multiple training opportunities before the launch of the new catalog. See the schedule below and keep an eye out in the MHLS Bulletin and Notices list.

Discover Catalog Launch Kit

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Frequently asked questions.

Take a video tour of the catalog and its features.

Below are two examples of embedded showcases from Vega Discover — a curated list and an auto-updating list of new items!

About the Vega suite

“Vega” is the name for a collection of new products currently being developed by Innovative Interfaces (our Sierra vendor) to help libraries display their collections, promote the library, manage events, and communicate with patrons in a interconnected and attractive way — the “library experience” or LX. The advantages of Vega include that it is more modern, intuitive, patron-focused, and user-friendly. It brings in new features while integrating seamlessly with the catalog and the ILS. 

The first element of Vega is Discover, a platform for the online public access catalog that Mid-Hudson will be adopting to replace Encore (the current catalog). Mid-Hudson has been a development partner with Innovative to help shape the platform, especially in regard to consortia. Our thanks to the libraries who have signed on to be pilot sites and provided us with essential feedback. Find more information about the pilot project here and view our list of known issues and requested features here.

Next is LX Starter, a foundational element of the Vega platform that will modernize and simplify notices and email communication with patrons. Stay tuned for more information about LX Starter in late 2023 and 2024.

The other Vega elements currently in early release are Promote and Program. Innovative is still developing Interact and Analyze.