Website add-ins to connect users to the catalog and other resources

Creates a link to specific tabs in My Bookshelf:

Go to a patron’s Checkouts tab in My Bookshelf

Recommend if using a single link to the patron account.


Check Your Checkouts or Check Your Library Account


<a href="">Check Your Library Account</a>

Go to a patron’s Holds tab in My Bookshelf


Check Your Holds


<a href="">Check Your Holds</a>

Go to a patron’s Fines tab in My Bookshelf


Check Your Fines


<a href="">Check Your Fines</a>

Go to a patron’s Profile tab in My Bookshelf


Check Your Profile


<a href="">Check Your Profile</a>

Encore Account Login Link

Link that directly logs patrons into their Library Catalog (Encore) Account


Check Your Library Account


<a href="">Check Your Library Account</a>

Vega Search Box

Embedded Vega search box allowing patrons to start searches from your website



<form action="">
  <input placeholder="What are you looking for?" name="query">
  <select name="searchType">
    <option value="everything">Everything</option>
    <option value="agent">Author</option>
    <option value="concept">Concept</option>
    <option value="title">Title</option>
  <input type="hidden" name="pageSize" value="10">
  <input type="submit" value="Search">

Encore Search Box

Embedded Encore search box allowing patrons to start searches from your website.



<script type="text/javascript">
   function searchEncore(){
        var encoreBaseURLInput,encoreBaseURL, searchInput, scopeInput, searchString, scopeString, locationHref, charRegExString, base64Regex;
       /*base64_encoding_map includes special characters that need to be
        encoded using base64 - these chars are "=","/", "\", "?"
        character : base64 encoded */
        var base64_encoding_map = {"=":"PQ==", "/": "Lw==", "\\":"XA==", "?":"Pw=="};

        var escapeRegExp = function(string) {
            return string.replace(/([.*+?^=!:${}()|\[\]\/\\])/g, "\\$1");
       encoreBaseURLInput = document.getElementById("encoreBase");
       searchInput = document.getElementById("encoreSearchInput2");

        if (searchInput && encoreBaseURLInput) {
            encoreBaseURL = encoreBaseURLInput.value;
            searchString = searchInput.value;
            for(var specialChar in base64_encoding_map) {
                charRegExString = escapeRegExp(specialChar);
                base64Regex = new RegExp(charRegExString, "g");
                searchString = searchString.replace(base64Regex, base64_encoding_map[specialChar])
            searchString = encodeURIComponent(searchString);

            scopeInput = document.getElementById('encoreSearchLocation');

if (!searchString) {
  alert("Please input a search term and search again.");
		 return false;

            if (scopeInput) {
                scopeString = scopeInput.value;

            if (scopeString) {
                scopeString = encodeURIComponent(scopeString);
                locationHref = encoreBaseURL + "C__S" + searchString + scopeString +  "__Orightresult__U";
            } else {
 locationHref = encoreBaseURL + "C__S" + searchString + "__Orightresult__U";
			languageSetting = document.getElementById("encoreLanguage");
			if (languageSetting) {
				locationHref = locationHref + "?lang=" + languageSetting.value;
            window.location.href = locationHref;
        return false;

<form action="?" onsubmit="return searchEncore()">
	<!-- REQUIRED with id="encoreSearchInput" -->
    <input id="encoreSearchInput2" type="text"/>

    <!-- REQUIRED INPUT with id="encoreBase": <ENCORE_FQDN> fully qualified domain name such as "" -->
    <input type="hidden" id="encoreBase" value="" />

    <!-- OPTIONAL search location hidden field to limit to a predefined scope -->
    <!-- <input type="hidden" id="encoreSearchLocation" value="__Lf:facetcollections:<Scope_#>:<Scope_#>:<Scope Label>::" /> -->
	<!-- OPTIONAL non-english language setting: <Language_Code> is code such as "spi" for spanish -->
	<!-- <input type="hidden" id="encoreLanguage" value="<Language_Code>" /> -->

    <input type="submit" value="SUBMIT" />

Syndetics Unbound Book Display Widget

A create scrolling list of book covers for your website using ISBN. Customs Widgets can be created for member libraries on-demand. Email Please include any customs settings you would like to include.

Example: New York Times Bestseller


<div class="ltfl_bookdisplay_widget" id="ltfl_widget_ult_3043371186"></div>

Include this only once – add if not already on page. Add to the website header to include on all pages.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Custom Options

Select a Data source. What kinds of items do you want your widget to show off? Choose one, then fill out the additional input below.

  • List of ISBNs. Paste a list of ISBNs to select from.
  • List of ISSNs. Paste a list of ISSNs to select from.
  • List of UPCs. Paste a list of UPCs to select from.
  • Webpage. A URL from which we gather ISBNs.
  • RSS feed. An RSS URL from which we gather ISBNs.
  • Items tagged. Draws from LibraryThing for
    Libraries’ 90+ million tags—tags like “chick lit,” “paranormal romance,”
    “American history.” “Tagmashes,” the intersection of two tags, such as
    “romance, zombies” are also possible.
  • Genre. Pre-determined subject categories.
  • Series. Items from one or more series, drawn from ProQuest’s series coverage.
  • Awards. Items from one or more awards, drawn from LibraryThing’s awards coverage.
  • Publication date. Items published within a specified date range.
  • Call numbers. Items within a given call-number range or ranges.
  • Popular. Items popular in your library and libraries like yours.
  • Uploaded holdings. Anything in your library’s holdings.

Options for each style

Select one of four display types: Dynamic Grid, Carousel, Scrolling, or
3-d Carousel. Each style defaults to an appealing group of settings.
Some options for customization appear immediately below the style
selector. More options are available under the “Advanced Options”

  • Cover size Select from x-small to x-large cover sizes
  • Dynamic Grid
    • Rows Number of rows in the widget.
    • Covers per row How many covers in a given row.
  • Carousel
    • Covers per row Select how many covers you want to show in every rotation through the shelf.
    • Type This widget can be horizontal or vertical, and has a shelf option for horizontal orientation.
  • Scrolling
    • Type Scrolls come in both horizontal and vertical orientations.
    • Scrolling Speed Select how fast you want the scroll to flow across or up the page.

Advanced Options: General


  • Widget size Widgets will automatically resize to
    best fit the surrounding page whenever the page is loaded. Great for
    libraries with mobile-responsive sites! Choose Manual to set your own
    height and widths. Good if there’s extra white space at the bottom of
    your widget.
  • Display Sorting Select in what order you want items
    to show in the widget. Sorting randomly will show a different selection
    of items every time the widget loads. Other options are alphabetical by
    title or author, or date of publication (recent first).
  • Easy Share Icon Select On to let anyone take a
    screenshot off your widget through the Easy Share button that will
    appear on the bottom right corner of your widget. Turn off and make
    screenshots yourself within widget creation.
  • Custom Cover URL Augment our existing cover service
    with your own. URLs should look something like, where UNBOUNDREPLACE
    is replaced with the ISBN of the cover
  • Cover Sizing Select whether covers should have forced width, height, or be cropped squares.

Link to Catalog

  • Custom Link URL Add a different URL than your
    regular ISBN linking URL if items in this widget should go a different
    destination. Remember to use the “XXX” configuration. Example: a catalog
    that requires a different search URL for ISSNs or UPCs rather than
  • Opens Choose how you want covers to link into your catalog, by going directly to that page or launching in a new window.
  • Use Popup Box Choose to show a popup detail box
    containing cover, title, author, and in many cases summary, as well as a
    link to the item in the library. Turn this setting off if clicking a
    book and going to the catalog directly is desired.

More Advanced Options

  • Custom HTML/CSS to output Add your own HTML or CSS
    to the widget to help adapt it to your site. See sample CSS classes and
    ids in the purple floating box.
  • Internal Notes These are internal notes about the widget, viewable from the main list of widgets.

Advanced Options: By Style Type


  • Scroll count How many items to scroll forward when the widget advances through the items.
  • Maximum items How many items to load into the widget at a given time.
  • Automatic Scrolling If “on,” the widget will advance forward a few titles at a time without clicking the arrows.

3-D Carousel

  • Automatic Scrolling 3-D carousels can be still, or advance one item at a constant interval. Determine that with the drop down menu, here.
  • Number of Covers Most widgets will work well with auto covers. Adjust up or down in this setting.