Vega Connect / LX starter

Vega Connect or LX (library experience) Starter, as it is now being called, is a new interface for staff, but also the interface bridging the Sierra system to the new Vega products, like Vega Discover.

Key Features

Unified, web-based staff experience (LX Admin):
A streamlined staff interface where they can set up notices and journeys, edit emails, view patron records, and review email performance metrics.

ILS Integration: Extended view of Patron record with single activity stream:
View patron details in one place: and if they have recently opened read library emails. Library staff will have the ability to update contact information for patrons through LX Starter and sync it back to the ILS.

Patron preference settings: Patrons can opt-in to share their interests with the library by selecting interest from a list of options provided by the library in the areas of Topics, Content Types, and Resources. This enables the library to have more useful information about what their patrons are interested in and a more modern interface for users to self-manage their preferences (such as preferred language or communications channel).

ILS Notices, re-designed through LX Starter: The first release of LX Starter will support existing ILS rules for notices. LX Starter includes templates for each existing notice but the templates are customizable by the library. LX Starter also has the ability to group notices of the same kind into one email. For example, if a patron has two overdue books and they are set to receive one notice for each book on the same day, LX Starter can combine those notices into one overdue email for both items. You will also be able to add Showcases for library resources or events within the notification when you purchase other Vega modules.

Four patron journeys through email channel:
Patron Journey = An email or series of emails scheduled to send automatically when triggered by patron information or patron activity. They provide a personalized communications experience for patrons while requiring minimal time and effort from library staff.

  • New Patron registration and welcome journey:  When a patron registers online or in-person for a library card, this automated journey sends them a confirmation email for their new account with their barcode, then follows up with a series of 3 sequenced emails familiarizing them with the library and all of its offerings (4 emails total).  Libraries will have the option to toggle on and off the emails in the sequence. This includes a library-configurable webpage with a registration form for online patron registration.
    Complete the form, and your journey begins!

  • Automated renewal process: Based on information in the patron profile, this automated email includes links to online, self-service options that allow patrons to update their information and renew their card from home (or on the go) without having to visit the library building. Libraries will be automatically notified when a patron account is updated or a library card is renewed.
  • Anniversary message: Based on information in the patron profile, this automated email will engage a patron on the anniversary of the creation of the library card. Giving the library an annual touchpoint.
  • Haven’t seen you in a while: Based on information in the patron profile, this automated email will engage a patron when their library card has been inactive for a significant period of time.

Email design tools for notices and journeys: Simple, intuitive, easy-to-use tool for editing notices and journeys. Innovative will provide templates for all notices and journeys that the library can edit to match their branding or update additional content within the email

Insert Free Images: LX Starter gives you access to over 4 million high-resolution images, that are licensed to be used freely in your emails. Search the image database and insert images directly into your emails.

Engagement Metrics: Library staff will have the ability to view engagement metrics for notices and journeys or by the individual patrons.  They’ll have visibility into whether an email was received, opened, or acted on (clicked a link). Viewing this information in aggregate allows the library to see how its communications are performing overall. Viewing this information by an individual can help when troubleshooting with patrons (I didn’t receive it).

Enhanced content (cover images) for Notices: Libraries using LX Starter will have access to Syndetics cover images for email notices.

Automated bounceback handling and workflows: Protect your sender reputation. If an email bounces, LX Starter will stop sending emails to that address until the contact information is updated. LX Starter will also flag the bounced email address in the ILS, and sync the new  


When will LX Starter be available?

The first release of LX Starter will be available in the second half of 2022 and will focus on notifications (without journeys). 

How do I request LX Starter?

When the first release is available, Innovative will share instructions with all Sierra libraries on how to reserve their spot for implementation. 

When will journeys be available?

Innovative hopes to make journeys available by the end of 2022.

What is the minimum version for LX Starter?

At present, the minimum version is  Sierra 5.3. However, this may change when Innovative releases LX Starter.  It is important to stay up-to-date on the most recent Sierra releases. This guarantees you have new features, our most recent bug fixes, and compatibility with any new products.

Will LX Starter have a separate user interface than Sierra?

Yes, it will have a separate user interface for turning your patron communications on and off, editing notices and journeys, updating patron records, and checking the engagement metrics.  You will still be able to update patron information in the ILS as well.

Will there be documentation?

First and foremost, Innovative is focused on having Help information built into LX Starter. There will be interactive product walk-throughs and other real-time guides and tips available within LX Starter to help users navigate the product.