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Hyphen logic

Observation: “I tried to look up the new David Sedaris book Happy-Go-Lucky in each catalog. My exact search was ‘Happy Go Lucky Sedaris.’ In Encore, the correct title was the first result. In Vega, the correct title was the 9th result. Why was Encore more accurate than Vega in this instance?”

It looks like Vega treats hyphenated phrases as one word. In this case, it does not think that the words “happy,” “go,” and “lucky” are in the title because it reads “happy-go-lucky” as one distinct word.

Reported: 06/02/2022

Status: We will report the issue to iii.

Resolution: TBD

Phrase searching too inclusive & without relevancy

Observation: When results are found which do not include all keyword search terms, the result summary shows the unfound elements as “missing” with the term in a strikethrough font.

Encore does not show these results.

Reported: 11/18/21

Resolution: A phrase in quotes (when looking for exact phrase) resolves this. I am not sure that all keyword searches are phrases.

This search doesn't immediately show the item the patron was most likely looking for

Relevancy ranking issues – RESOLVED

Observation: Searches do not always bring up the most relevant titles as the first results, according to our testing. Encore seems to do a better job at this.

Reported: 09/15/21

Resolution: Improvements have been made to the relevancy algorithm that give greater weight to exact title matches and the number of copies of a title in the system.

Please report if you still have any issues with search result order by emailing techsupport@midhudson.org or filling out the feedback form.

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