Notices & Printing

Within moments of staff sending the email notices patrons should receive an email that lets them know items are waiting to be picked up.  The notice includes the titles and the date the items will be held until.  The email is a “NoReply” email with the library’s name.  Patrons who report that they did not receive an email should check their spam folders for missing email.

As an item is placed on the holdshelf, patrons who have opted in to receive text messaging will immediately receive a text message.  This message is in addition to the standard message indicated in their patron notice prefereence.

For library’s who purchase TNS, patrons can receive an automated telephone notice.  Calls are made only between the hours of 9am and 6pm.  The system will attempt the call 3 times.  A successful cal is detected by the system as answered.  Any voice or beep will initiate the message  being played.  The message repeats once.  The patron’s name is included in the greeting.  Hold pickup notices indicated the library where the item is waiting.

More information about TNS.

Notices is a term used in Sierra to describe notification sent to patrons about transactions (holds to pick up, overdue items etc.), but also to describe notification for staff to complete a process (paging or notices for unsuccessful emails or calls).  Libraries can customize many jobs using Custom Print Templates .
Print Templates -Documentation and training coming soon

Select Notices from the Functions drop down menu. 
Once in Notices you can create new notices or use a saved notice from the list.  Read More

Video Tutorial – Creating and Sending Notices

Video Tutorial – Creating and Sending Notices

  1. Once you have made you parameter selections click the “Prepare Notices” icon.
  2. The first time through you may be asked to select your printer.
  3. Sierra generates table with tabs on the left separating results into Notices, Items Not Sent, & Items Emailed.  
  4. Sending Notices
    • To send the email – Click “__ to E-mail” from the yellow-circled drop down  menu. Click “Send Notices”. You will be asked where to start the print job. Click OK to print all or change the starting number. Once email is sent, you will be asked to clear the file. Click OK.
    • To move the email to the print queue – Select “__ to E-Mail” from the yellow-circled drop down menu. Click “Move All to Print Queue”. This combines all notices to be printed to your selected local printer.
    • To  Print To Your Local Printer – Select  “__ to Print” from the yellow-circled drop down menu. Click “Send Notices”. You will be asked where to start the print job. Click OK to print all or change the starting number. Once email is sent, you will be asked to clear the file. Click OK if the printout was alright.
  5. Your successful and unsuccessful email can be viewed by looking under the “Emailed” and “Items Not Sent” tabs on the left.

To change the Print Templates Sierra is using to generate Notices, follow these instructions 

Selecting a Print Template

Paging lets libraries know that an item has been requested.  The notice is created when the hold is placed either in Encore or in Sierra.  There is a set paging (request) order based on the pickup location of the hold.  Each day libraries are required to print both title (Bib) and item paging lists.  Once printed the items should be pulled from the shelf and checked in.  This puts the item into “In Transit” status and prints a “transit” slip which is placed in the item or attached before placing in the MHLS Delivery bin.

Hold Pickup Notices are sent to patrons when an item has been put on the holdshelf for them.  The notice provides the information about the hold being available and also how long the patron has to retrieve it.  For best results wait a few minutes between checking in delivery and sending your hold pick up notices.  This will allow Sierra time to update the holds tables.  Text messages are sent when the hold is placed on the holdshelf and not when the Hold Pick up notice is sent.

Overdue Notices are the first notice that is sent when the patron has not returned their items on time.  The notice generally goes out 14 days after the due date.

Bills are the second notice.  They are sent (depending on your library’s policy) 14-21 days after the overdue notice is sent. 

It is important to send these notices each open day to keep the flow of notification on time.

Courtesy Notices go out 3 days before an item is due.  If the item can be renewed the patron is informed of the new due date.  If the item cannot be renewed (it is in demand or has reached the maximum number of renewals) the patron is told that the item could not be renewed and reminded of the due date.  Courtesy notices are enabled system wide.  MHLS sends the notices in an automated process each morning.  Patrons receive only one notice for all items that are due in 3 days.

Printing in Sierra is quite different than anything you have likely experienced before.  Because the tasks in Sierra are best suited for different types of printers, there are four different types of printers that can be defined.  Tasks are sent to the appropriate printer and each must be set up to work with a local device before printing.

Receipt Printer – Used for printing receipts and transit slips
Standard Printer – Used for printing tables and records
Label Printer – Used for printing Spine and Pocket labels
Form Printer – Used for Notices