Notices & Printing

Notices is a term used in Sierra to describe notification sent to patrons about transactions (holds to pick up, overdue items etc.), but also to describe notification for staff to complete a process (paging or notices for unsuccessful emails or calls).  Libraries can customize many jobs using Custom Print Templates .
Print Templates -Documentation and training coming soon

Receipts and Slips

Printing in Sierra is quite different than anything you have likely experienced before.  Because the tasks in Sierra are best suited for different types of printers, there are four different types of printers that can be defined.  Tasks are sent to the appropriate printer and each must be set up to work with a local device before printing.

Receipt Printer – Used for printing receipts and transit slips
Standard Printer – Used for printing tables and records
Label Printer – Used for printing Spine and Pocket labels
Form Printer – Used for Notices