Extended Library Closing Strategies

There are a number of steps an consider if closing your library for an extended period.  We ask that you please send separate tickets with specific directions for each of the steps below. 

Things to think about before you start:

  • Will your staff be in the building?  
  • Will you be emptying your book drops?
  • Is someone available at your library for questions?
  • Is there a contact number while closed?
  • Will you check email and telephone messages?
  1. Close your library in the days closed table (instructions)

    Post information about your closing to your web page

    • Open a specific ticket if MHLS hosts your page including the information about dates, and other directions.
    • Provide options for patrons in the interim for holds, like freezing, change pickup location, or cancelling for a later date.
    • Suggest alternative eResources.  More information about our eResources is available in the admin section of KB.midhudson.org.
  2. To stop new holds, request that MHLS edit your pickup location to “temporarily closed” in encore.  (see the image below) It is possible to drop your library from the list essentially, by moving it far down the list.  This will also show up on the transit slips.

    Steps: Open a ticket with techsupport@midhudson.org

  3.  To stop requests from being sent to you for filling, we can place your collection in storage.  Note: The process of checking in items will change this status back to checked in.

  4. Items currently out can be extended to your next open day.
    Steps: Open a ticket with techsupport@midhudson.org