Changing the Days closed table for your library

Closing your library requires entering the dates for closure in the Sierra Days closed table.  Sierra maintains a comprehensive list of the scheduled closed dates by library.  It is viewable by most logins and even editable by Directors.   Only one user can edit the table at a time, so please save and close the table soon after your entries are in.

Sierra uses the Days Closed table in the following ways:

    • The system prevents items from falling due on days that the library is closed. 
    • Fines and fees will not be added for days closed
    • The system excludes closed days when it calculates the number of days that an item can remain on the holdshelf. 
  • In Sierra go to Admin/Parameters then Circulation then Days Closed to open the table. 
  • Scroll to until you come to the group of your library’s entries.  
  • Highlight the date that is just after the date range that you will close and click “insert”.  This will open a form to create an entry just above the line you have highlighted.
  • In the location field enter your 3 letter code followed by an asterisk
  • In the Day Closed enter the date of the first date that you plan to be closed in the span.
  • Click OK
  • Repeat by adding the additional closed dates.
  • Click Save CLOSE
  • Restart Sierra

 If you do not wish to edit the table yourself you can submit the Days Closed Form on (see exactly where below), and MHLS techsupport staff will enter your dates for you.  The form is updated for 2020.