Decision Center

Description:  Decision Center is a comprehensive collection management and analytics solution that provides timely and focused action recommendations for budgeting, selection, weeding, floating, and more. Decision Center helps libraries match supply and demand to deliver optimized service. By using current and complete data—about circulation, holds, transits, patrons, and acquisitions—Decision Center provides you with actionable insights to help your library improve patron-driven acquisitions while streamlining collection management workflows.

Key Features

  • Shows where to weed or expand collections to align with supply and demand
  • Direct integration with Sierra provides Decision Center with the most comprehensive data for decision-making
  • Comprehensive circulation statistics are updated daily for timely analytics
  • Highlighted areas to weed or expand collections help you better align with your library’s supply and demand
  • Budget guidance for effective spending on collections and staffing is based on your real budget numbers
  • Suggestions identify how you can optimize collections to reflect community demand and usage
  • Recommendations utilizes library-selected thresholds and strategic targets to suggest changes for operational effectiveness
  • Tools helps manage floating collections across multiple branches to minimize transit times
  • Trend analysis lets you anticipate demand for new titles to minimize hold wait times
  • Implementation: Scheduled with Innovative / Data set creation
    • Authorization / login & Password setup.
  • Training – Comprehensive training will be scheduled
    • County or regional
    • Documentation will be published on this site

Impact: A more flexible reporting tool that is web based and easy to use.  Also captures title level data.