Decision Center – FAQ

What is the URL to access Decision Center?

  • Connect to Decision Center with this URL

What is my login?

  • Log in using your Sierra login.

What if Decision Center won’t let me login?

  • You need to have permission to access Decision Center associated to your Sierra login. This has already been granted to all library directors. If you need access to Decision Center, have your director contact MHLS at

Does this count against my library’s licenses?

  • No, it does not.

What reports can I generate with Decision Center?

  • There are 150 reports in Decision center to help staff with analysis of the collection, as well as usage of the collection, using record and transaction data.
  • The reports are found under four categories –
    • Evaluation
    • Development
    • Balancing
    • Maintenance

How do I know what the reports will provide?

  • Selecting a category and the show reports available for that category listed under the headings. By hovering over the name of the report, Decision Center provides a brief description of the report.

How do I configure my report?

  • Select a report to run and set the initial filters for that report, each report will have certain filters to establish. There are defaults set for each element or click on Edit to select specific filters.
  • When the filters are set, click on Go. Decision Center will generate the report.
  • Once the report has been generated, you can narrow the results with the Remedy Filters along the left hand side of the results.

What can I do with the report, how can I save it?

  • Once the report has been generated, you can:
    • Email the report to yourself and/or others
    • Export the report to work access through Create Lists
    • Schedule the report to run automatically – this also saves the report to be run manually.