Confusion around terminology

Observation: “Concepts” and “Persons” may be confusing to average patrons. This is especially so with “persons,” which includes many entities that are not people such as Hoopla, OverDrive, Scholastic, and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “Topics” and “Contributors” are also used, and it is unclear how they relate to concepts and persons.

Another suggestion is to change the heading “Reader reviews” to “User reviews” since books are not the only items in the card catalog. The same problem also applies to “Reading History.”

Reported: 12/13/2021, updated 4/12/2022

Status: Many of these labels are customizable. MHLS will work on developing more user-friendly labels for various sections of the catalog. Please let us know if you have opinions about language/labels, or any other features of the sidebar by emailing or filling out the feedback form.

Resolution: TBD.

Many concepts called variations of "Human-animal relationships."
The topic "Human-animal relationships" found on a resource page. Is this the same as one of those concepts?
A confusing list of persons.