Materials Booking FAQ

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Q: How do we get Materials Booking
A: The library director must request it for the library,  authorizations for staff, and work with MHLS staff to get loan rules in place.

Q: How do items become bookable?
A: It is defined in the loan rule that is applied to a bookable itype.  

Q  How many days does the booking last?
A: When you select a bookable itype, the item will circulate for the number of days implied by the name of the itype.  Like other items, the patron will be reminded that the item must be returned and is not eligible for auto-renew.  No Overdue notice will be sent, as the item will go directly to Billed status the day after it is due.

Q: How is availability shown?
A: Bookable items all have an availability calendar which can be viewed during booking or at any time from the item record.  You review all booked items in the material booking maintenance function.

Q: Are completed bookings also displayed as expired in Booking History?
A: The status of a booking is displayed in the Booking history as either cancelled or expired.  

Q: The Patron record displays the booking after the item is returned.
A: Bookings will continue to display in the patron record until the period of booking has expired or the booking is cancelled.  Once the end date of the booking is passed or the booking is cancelled,  the Booking will clear from the patron record.  Checking in the item does not update the booking.

Q: What is included in the Bookings activity report in Web Management Reports?
A: The report is counting bookings placed.  To review the actual booked checkouts, you would run a circulation report by itype and review itypes 111-120 (bookable itypes).