B&T TitleSource 360

MHLS manages a shared account for ordering from Baker & Taylor.  We have negotiated a discounted pricing for our member libraries to use TitleSource 360 (TS360).  That shared account provides us access to the orders so that we can upload your Bibliographic records, eliminating the need to create the records when you receive your purchased copies.  The process is streamlined by creating a single source for MHLS catalogers to retrieve and load records many times per day, exposing your on order copies almost immediately after you order them.   Currently, 40 MHLS libraries are participating in this program. 

How does it work?

  • The library provides Baker & Taylor list of ISBN #s that they would consider for weeding into the program.
  • The list of titles is sorted into 2 groups by B&T(resale and recycle).  
  • Credit Value reported
  • The library makes a final decision to weed the titles
  • Baker & Taylor arranges pick up of books at no cost
  • Library is credited for collection within 30 days of receipt


  • A simple, flexible process for libraries to get Baker & Taylor credit for weeded books quickly
  • Books that are not suited for resale are responsibly recycled
  • Save valuable staff time not managing book sales or
    researching donation options
  • Generate credit for purchasing

MHLS libraries who already participate in B&T TS360 can get started with the Sustainable Shelves Program by filling in the form linked below. 

Send the completed form as an attachment to cataloging@midhudson.org