Kanopy links missing

Observation: Kanopy eVideo links are missing for some libraries. Clicking “Check Availability” will provide a list of links for each library, but the list is incomplete.

Reported: 04/12/2022

Status: Kanopy uses unique URLs for each library so each title has 40 separate links. “Check Availability” doesn’t even show them all, just 25 of them. One workaround could be to use a more generic message like “This title is available on Kanopy” or even suppressing Kanopy titles from the catalog until the problem is resolved.

Complete integration for Kanopy is planned but not yet implemented by Innovative.

Additionally, Kanopy has a small number of titles for which they don’t offer MARC records. There are 28,071 titles currently in the collection, but only 27,792 MARC records. It seems that Criterion titles, among others, are not provided.

Resolution: TBD.

Kanopy links, not displaying all 40 libraries