Inter-Library Loan – FAQ

Don’t we already have Inter-Library Loan?

  • Yes,  but the new module will allow libraries, patrons, and MHLS staff to manage the borrowing process through Sierra. This will provide a more cohesive, streamlined service for everyone involved.

Can I manage my SEAL requests through Sierra’s ILL module?

  • No, at this time the ILL module is only for requests made through MHLS staff from OCLC but we hope to expand the functionality to include SEAL in the future.

Will patrons or library staff be able to renew ILL items themselves?

  • No, requests to renew borrowed items will need to be made through Mid-Hudson Library System – send an email to

Do I still need to use my ILL dummy barcodes?

  • No, not for ILL requests filled by MHLS. A barcode bookmark will be included in your ILL item to be used when receiving your request. However, you may want to keep the dummy barcodes if you use them to process SEAL requests.

My holdshelf slip looks different.

  • The ILL module does not support the use of custom print templates, so your holdshelf slip may have different fields and text from your usual holdshelf slips.

Should I print a transit slip to return my item?

  • You do not need to print a transit slip when prompted by Sierra. Instead, use the barcode bookmark included in your ILL, making sure the label RETURN TO MHLS, ILL DEPT. is visible.