Vega Discover | LX Starter

About Vega

Vega Discover is Innovative’s new discovery platform for the online public access catalog. This platform is scheduled to replace Encore in 2023.

Vega Discover looks clean and appealing, shows all library-owned formats of a title together in one search result, makes it simple for patrons to create lists and bookmarks, allows easy editing of profile information, and enables libraries to created showcases from curated lists and saved searches that can be embedded in websites and featured on the search homepage.

The Mid-Hudson Library System has signed on as a development partner and is among the first libraries to use Vega. We have been working with the rest of the development partners to advise Innovative’s development team on the key ingredients, features, and functions that we think will make a better patron experience. See the links below for more information about how it works.

Stay tuned for more information about LX Starter, a foundational element of the Vega platform that will modernize and simplify notices and email communication with patrons!

Check out some screenshots of the Discover and LX Starter interfaces:

Piloting and training

Testing access is already available! See the new catalog here. The Poughkeepsie Public Library District (PPLD) was our first library to use the new catalog as a MHLS pilot site. There are now six pilot libraries.

We will be updating you on Vega at most meetings and training will take place prior to our launch date in 2023, including live webinars and on-demand tutorials.

Click here for the all you need to know about the pilot project.

Below is an example of an embedded showcase!