Statistics report on your items

Want to get an overview of your collection?

The Statistics function in Sierra provides field data reports on ranges of records or records contained in a review file.  To see your own records or a subset, use the directions below to run a report for your collection.  The example below us using Esopus.

1. Create a list of all your library’s items.

2.  Use Statistics to create a field report on the records you gathered in create list.  Statistics is a great way to pull together the field values of a group of records.

3.  Select Statistics from Functions

4.  Choose new query

Sierra Statistics

  1. Build the report by entering as you see below
  2. Name the report
  3. Hit the down arrow to name the results the same or type what you prefer
  4. Report on a “review” and then find the file you created.   You may also run this on your barcode index using your item prefix, but this way works too
  5. Choose field statistics
  6. Choose run the query

Your report will be the last report on the list, double click or highlight and click “view report” .  The report can be viewed based on a number of indexes.  I chose “Annual report here: