Sierra Search Box

You can search by any indexed term in the search box. Search by pnumber (patron record number) In the search box put a period before the number.  The Sierra record number is truly 7 digits with a check digit added to complete the number at 8.  If you don’t have all seven digits, as is the case with OverDrive account numbers, add a lower case a at the end.

Use the code, followed by your term.  By the way, all of the clues to knowing how to search in that box are always at your fingertips.  Leave the box blank and click search.  The indexes with the codes will pop up.  Put the code in front of what you want to search on, and you are good to go.  Note the “.” on the list where you see record number.

Caution!! Do not search this way when you have already retrieved a patron record and the search box is set to scan items for checkout.  It is very easy to check out items that you do not intend to checkout, if they are retrieved in your search.