Serials – FAQ

Don’t we already have Serials in Sierra?

  • Yes, we do, but the module has always used the traditional cataloging features and workflow, modified to accommodate our magazines, journals and newspapers. Our new Serials function was designed specifically to handle periodicals.

How are Serials different from other records in the catalog?

  • The Serials records will have a Holdings record attached to the periodical’s Bibliographic record that will let your patrons know which issues for a periodical you library owns.

How is the new Serials module different than our existing method?

  • It eliminates the need to have two records (one for issues and one for holdings) so you won’t have to worry about attaching to the wrong record anymore

Will I need special permissions to work in Serials?

  • There will be some new permissions for working with Serials. If you need access to Serials, have your director contact MHLS at

Will this be better for the patrons?

  • Yes, in addition to seeing each library’s range of holdings in the OPAC, patrons will also be able to see which issues are checked in at each location and place requests on the item they want instead of having to “ask staff” to request an issue for them.