Item Statuses

aASK STAFFAsk Staff.
nBILLEDItems lost, and bill sent. Set automatically through Overdues or through Patron Record. Do not manually add this status to or remove this status from an item. Do not change this status to another status: it should be cleared only by checkin or batch checkin. **
CHECKED INAvailable. The system uses this value for items that can circulate. The item retains this status even when checked out.
zCLMS RETDRemoved from circulation. Claimed Returned. *
dDISCARDItem removed from circulation. *
cDISPLAYItems removed from circulation of in Library Display.  Not Holdable.
oIN LIBRARY USEIn Library Use Only.
pIN PROCESSINGItem not yet released.
tIN TRANSITIn Delivery. To or from fulfilling holds.
$LOST AND PAIDItem missing, Billed, and Paid. *
mMISSINGItem missing. Not billed. **
iMISSING TRANSIMissing in transit. Item never arrived at library after entering In Transit status **
!ON HOLDSHELFOn Holdshelf. Do not change this status to another status: it should be cleared only by checkout or clearing the holdshelf, or by a manual cancellation of the hold by staff or the patron.
sON SEARCHItems that have been searched for the maximum number of times and that are not checked out. **
rREPAIRItem removed from circulation to be repaired. **
gSTORAGEItem removed from circulation and placed in Storage.

*Items with a status of Lost & Paid, Discard and Claims Returned for 3 or more months are suppressed.

** Items with a status of Missing, Missing In Transit, On Search, Repair and Billed for 3 or more years are suppressed