Print Templates: Export / Import

Exporting the file to work on

To do any editing to your template it must be exported to outside of Sierra.  You will be exporting a copy of the original to the location of your choice.  If you are using Jaspersoft, a directory is already in place for you to store your work.  It is called MyReports and is found within the directory folder called JaspersoftWorkspace.

Tip: before you begin work on the file create a safe copy of the file.  Once you import your work back in, you may find that the safe copy is your only working copy.

To Export:

  1. Click to highlight and select your template
  2. Click Export
  3. Use the look in drop down or the directory tools to find the location or folder you want to export to.
  4. Click Choose directory

Importing the file back in

Tip: Send any pending notices for the template type Before importing

Tip: Use the same exact name for the edited file to avoid having all staff change their template preferences.

Warning: There is no undo with importing, but you will get a warning that you are about to overwrite your template.  Be sure you have chosen the Right template output type and the right family!

  1. From Sierra Print template, choose the correct output type to import your file into
  2. Click Import
  3. A window will appear called New Print Template Attributes
  4. Use the same  Template family as your previous file 
  5. Click Browse and Navigate to the file location and click on it. 
  6.  You will see your file in the template files window 
  7. Language can be left at none- we have only English
  8. Delivery method can be left to ANY for most templates,  If you will only print the template (Due Slips, transit, etc.  it should be print).