Monthly Circulation Report

You will want to open the Circulation Activity Reports, initiated from Reports from the Sierra drop down menus.

The Circulation Activity Reports are web based reports, so they will open in a browser. This is where you will configure your report criteria.

To generate a list of Previous Month’s Statistics select the All Circulation Activity Report. You will be prompted to log-in, using your Sierra log-in – this will not use another license, it is just an authorization, not a separate log-in.

Configure the criteria:

Dates: Last Month

Sort By: Limit

Limit By: Stat Group (this will be your library’s terminal number, select appropriate check box)

Report By: I Type or Annual Report*

Click Submit

When the report has run, you will be prompted to open the report in a spreadsheet. When you open the report you can manipulate the data as you wish.

*You may want to run by both criteria, as well as others. I Type will provide data by the type of material, such as Book as opposed to Annual Report, which will be separated by Fiction, Juv Fiction, etc. It is often informative to Report by other categories such as Call Number to see what areas of your collection are circulating.