Mobile Worklists – FAQ

What is the Site Code?

  • Short story: mhud – no, it is not case sensitive.
  • Long story is that it is the code that Innovative uses to identify which catalog you want to log into. You will only need to enter this the first time you log in to Mobile Worklists.

What is my login?

  • Log in using your Sierra login – yes, this one is case sensitive

Does this count against my library’s licenses?

  • No, it does not.

When importing a list from the Review Files, can I sort by my login to just see my Review Files?

  • No, unfortunately you cannot – but the Review Files are listed in numeric order. As long as you know the number of your Review File, it should be easy to locate.
  • By the way, you will only see Review Files for Item Records, not for Bib or Patron records.

What if there are holds on the item that I check in?

  • Mobile Worklists will know that the item can satisfy a hold and will change the status to On Holdshelf. It will not print out a hold/transit slip, since you will not be connected to a receipt printer, so you may want to put it aside to check it in again when you get back to the Circulation desk.

When I delete a record from my list, does it delete the record from the catalog?

  • No, deleting the record from your list is only removing it from your list, it is not actually deleting the item record from the catalog.