Mobile Worklist

Streamline Materials Handling with Mobile Worklists
3 year platinum winner / Modern Library Awards

Reduce the back and forth between the stacks and the desk, cut down on repetitive materials handling, and decrease reliance on paper reports with Sierra Mobile Worklists.

Mobile Worklists is a native iOS app that makes materials handling and management tasks more efficient, saving time and paper for library staff. Fully cloud-based, Mobile Worklists provides new functionality for traditional library operations, including:

  • Title Paging
  • Weeding
  • Searching projects
  • Placing items on display
  • Relocation projects – moving items to and from storage, between branches, and throughout the library
  • Managing new collections
  • Labeling projects
  • ILL delivery tracking
  • Inventory projects
  • The ability to e-mail lists from the mobile device to other library staff, faculty, students, or patrons interested in a specific set of materials
  • Check in /Check out

System and Hardware Requirements for Mobile Worklists

The Mobile Worklists app is optimized for the Apple® iPhone® and iPod®, but it also functions on the iPad® or iPad mini™.

Mobile Worklists 2.7 requires the following:

  • iOS version 9.0 or above running on one of the following devices:
    • iPhone® 4 and newer;
    • iPod touch® 5G and newer (October 2012 and newer);
    • iPad® 3 and newer (including Mini and Air)

What: Mobile Worklists makes material handling and management tasks more efficient and makes your staff more productive by making use of mobile technology to reduce the back and forth between the stacks and the desk and cut down on repetitive material handling.

When: The app you need is available in the App Store, feel free to load it on your device and start using Mobile Worklists.

Why: Mobile Work lists allows the user to Create a list of records in the app, Scan barcodes with the camera on their mobile device, and turn a list into a review file to work with the item records.

Where: On your IOS mobile device* – from there it can go anywhere you need it to.

*System requirements: iPad 3 and up, iTouch 5G and up, and iPhone 4 and up.

Getting Started with Mobile Worklists:

From the opening screen, you can select My Lists or Add a List