Materials Booking

Description: the new Materials Booking feature will allow patrons to “book” (reserve) library materials for future use. Unlike holds, where a patron’s request is placed and supplied as quickly as possible, Materials Booking requests provide a way for patrons to reserve an item to be used at a specified time, established at the time of booking the item.

Items can be booked rather than checked out.   Libraries can use this for laptops, or hot spots, or fishing poles – even to reserve rooms for community functions or events.

Key Features: 

  • With Materials Booking, you will be able to book materials hours, days, weeks, and months in advance.
  • When you place a booking, you can create additional bookings if the patron wants to reserve the item for multiple usages or if an event will be recurring.
  • You can also create links for the different bookings placed for a patron. You might choose to create an event link for all of the bookings associated with a community group’s recurring meetings.