Materials Booking and your patrons

Once you have identified and made your items bookable, you now need to Book ’em!  Materials booking will be introduced as a staff-assisted process for the immediate future, however in time we may make it available to patrons in the catalog.  

Booking will need to be turned on for your library and staff will need to have the authorization also.  Once in place, you will see the Materials Booking tab in the patron record, and also in the item.  Like holds, you can place a booking from the patron record or the item record.  Our materials will be booked at the item level.  

Checking out booked items is done in the same way as a regular circulating item from the patron record in circulation desk mode.  You will be asked to confirm the booking end date as the due date.  Booked item defaults go directly to billed status on the day after they are due and the price in the item is used for the billing amount.

Add a booking from a patron record

  1. Select the Materials booking tab
  2. Select add booking
  3. Search to find the item you wish to book.
  4. Choose Book item
  5. Fill in the form with an event name (ex: 3 day booking), the default booking defined in the loan rule will be applied, but you may change it.
  6. Add your library as the pickup loc (3 letter code)
  7. Add Optional note
  8. Save

Add a booking from the item

  1. Locate your bookable item
  2. Click Book Selected item(s)
  3. Scan your patron barcode or search for them by name.
  4. Enter event text (ex: 3 day booking)
  5. Enter date ranges & add any notes
  6. Select your library as the pickup location
  7. Enter optional note
  8. Save

Booking from a patron record

Locate your bookable item

Select the item(s) and choose “Book Selected Item(s)

Complete the booking form:
Event: Describes the Booking event.  You will want to define local event names to help you to manage groupings for locating and statistical purposes.
Example: Summer Reading – 7 day booking
Dates (wanted from and to): The range that the booking is needed for (it will be defined by default, once you pick a start date, but you may edit it).
Repeat Booking (Optional) if your booking will repeat it can be set up in advance
Booking Note: (Optional) This is a local note to be used internally or to provide information verbally to the patron.
Pickup Location: Your location – right now booking is limited to your stuff being picked up at your location. 

Booking from the item record.

Filling a Booking

Similar to filling holds, you will look to see what you have booked that needs to be readied for pick up.  Each day you run list of items for that day and the next (or you can edit that range).   Print the slips for the selected items.  They should be made ready for pickup and placed on the holdshelf or in your specified place.

Cancelled and expired bookings can be removed from the shelf.