Lunchtime Webinar: Sierra Circulation 101

Monday February 24th|12:00-1:00pm
Friday March 27th|12:00-1:00pm
Friday April 24th|12:00-1:00pm
ILP Operations Supervisor Thomas O’Connell will offer a lunchtime webinar of training and conversation at noon. The topic will be Circulation 101 and is intended for any new staff, or perhaps experienced staff wondering if there are more efficient ways to do things while covering the circ desk. This will be a good time to ask those questions that you have been wondering about…

The session will take place via a GotoMeeting session and last about 45 minutes. There is a 15 person attendance limit, and pre-registration is required. Log-in information for the webinar will be sent to your email address in advance of the event.