List “print” records

To print selected fields from the records in a review file:

  1. Select Create Lists from the Function list.
  2. Select the row of the review file that contains the data you want to list.
  3. Click List Records. The List Format dialog box opens.
  4. (Optional) Click Apply Saved List to select a saved set of list parameters.
  5. Double-click the Type box and select a record type from the pop-up window.
  6. Double-click the Field box and select a field, or All Fields, from the pop-up window.
Limit by PAID Field Date Range
  1. (Optional) Click Append to add another field to be listed and repeat the previous two steps. Alternatively, choose the Insert button to add a field before the selected field and repeat the previous two steps. You can specify a maximum of 32 fields to list. The fields are listed in the order in which they appear in the Fields to be listed table.
  2. (Optional) Remove a field to be listed by selecting its row and clicking Delete.
  3. Choose the formatting details of the printed list. You can specify the following information:

The review file being printed is always locked while printing, whether or not you select this option.

  1. (Optional) Click Save This List to save your list parameters for use on additional review files. Saved parameter sets can include a maximum of 32 fields.
  2. Click Print List to print the list or Close to exit the dialog box without printing a list of fields.
  3. If the Select Printer dialog box appears, select a printer from the list and click OK.


Formatting a Printed List

Use the following options in the List Format dialog box to format a printed list.

Page heading
Enter the heading or title you want to appear on the report.

Starting record
Enter the record number on which to begin reporting.

Ending record
Enter the record number on which to finish reporting.

Number of blank lines between records
Enter the number of blank lines to leave between each record.

Number the records in the list
Select this check box to insert a number before each record in the printed list.

Display meanings of fixed-length fields instead of codes
Select this check box to display the meaning of fixed-length fields. If you do not select this check box, fixed-length field codes appear in the list.

Display each variable-length field on a new line
Select this check box to display each variable-length field on a separate line. If you do not select this check box, all variable-length fields appear on a single, wrapping line.

Print labels for variable-length fields
Select this check box to display field labels (MARC tags not included) for all variable-length fields. If you do not select this check box, only the values of the variable-length fields appear.

If listing bibliographic title, print it in uppercase
If you choose to list the record title from the bibliographic record, select this check box to have the title appear in uppercase letters. If you do not select this check box, the title appears as it is stored in the bibliographic record.

List box information (if present)
Select this check box to print data from the checkin card’s issue boxes. This option appears only if you use a review file containing holdings (checkin) records.

Saving List Parameters

You can review the list parameter sets saved on your system in the Saved Lists tab of Create Lists. Select a List Name in the lower portion of the tab to see the corresponding saved settings in the upper portion of the tab.

Select (check) the Template check box to make the saved criteria available to Create Lists Limited users.

Choose New to create a new set of parameters you can apply to review files.

Choose Edit to alter the selected parameter set.

Choose Delete to delete the selected parameter set.