Encore Release Information

Current Release: Encore 4.9

*Sierra 5.1 is now available and MHLS has scheduled an upgrade March 17th.
Release Notes for 4.9:

Make Facets configuration customer-facing

  • Ability to configure customer facing facets.
  • Sierra Admin: add a flag to disable subject facet counts.
  • Make facet configuration customer facing.

Printing Improvement

  • Added print option to My Cart.

Accessibility Improvement

  • Keyboard
    • Header active elements can be used with the keyboard.
    • Dialog windows get a keyboard focus when they are opened.
    • A set of standard keyboard commands can be used for the “Edit hold” UI widget for each search result on the search results page.
    • Info in tooltips for each search result on the search result page are accessible to keyboard.

Upgrade to Release 5.1 Scheduled for 1 am on Tuesday 3/31

This release is focused on fixing existing issues in Encore. We don’t anticipate more than 2 hours of downtime for this upgrade.

Release notes:

 Feature changes in Encore 5.1

  • The HTTPS redirect for Encore was optional in earlier releases but will be required in Encore 5.1 to ensure full functionality when redirecting to Encore via a passthrough search box or other external links to Encore pages on an Android mobile device.  Please open a ticket in the Supportal to request that the HTTPS redirect be enabled for your Encore, including Encore mobile, if it isn’t already enabled.

Features in Encore 5.0

  • Removed hit counts for “peer reviewed” and “full text” limiters
    • hit counts contained inaccurate results

Highlighted Fixes in Encore 5.0 and 5.1

  • Fixed a problem where the “Pub Date Free Form” field should also display in standard view. Also it should also print the date in both full and standard view. Ideally, the individual publication date fields (year, month, day) would be exported rather than the free form publication data. 
  • Fixed a problem where items were missing from the location drop-down menu in Encore advanced search screen.
  • Fixed a problem where Location and Collection facets no longer sorted alphabetically by default
  • Added translation configuration for “AND” / “OR” that displays in the Encore search results, facet column, after applying a few facets. 
  • Fixed a problem where clicking on a bib record on the Encore search results page generated an exception that displayed in the browser.
  • Fixed a problem where additional Author field (700 MARC) was not creating linked searches in Encore.
  • Fixed a problem where unexpected pop-up on Encore page after submitting a search and facets and tags never load
  • Fixed a problem with Location and Collection facets not sorting alphabetically by default.
  • Fixed an issue where the Availability and Collection Facets only worked together correctly when applied in a specific order
  • Fixed an issue where the number of days remaining for Overdrive checkouts was reported incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where Encore login sessions were not timing out as expected in certain cases