Encore Release Information

Current Release: Encore 4.8
Release Notes:

Make Facets configuration customer-facing

  • Ability to configure customer facing facets.
  • Sierra Admin: add a flag to disable subject facet counts.
  • Make facet configuration customer facing.

Printing Improvement

  • Added print option to My Cart.

Accessibility Improvement

  • Keyboard
    • Header active elements can be used with the keyboard.
    • Dialog windows get a keyboard focus when they are opened.
    • A set of standard keyboard commands can be used for the “Edit hold” UI widget for each search result on the search results page.
    • Info in tooltips for each search result on the search result page are accessible to keyboard.

 Upgrade to Release 4.9 Scheduled for 3am  on  Wednesday 8/23

Release notes:

 This release is focused on improvements to harvesting external digital collections, which we don’t currently do, but now have the potential to add in, due to our new agreement.  We don’t anticipate more than 2 hours of downtime for this upgrade.

  • Problem behavior when selecting value under Collection facet: There is a problem when selecting a value under the Collection facet in the overlay that opens after selecting the more link under the facet.
  • Title link for some EDS results in Encore goes to PDF instead of EBSCO citation page: The title link for some EDS results goes directly to the full-text PDF instead of to the EBSCO citation page, as it did in previous releases.
  • Full Text and Peer Reviewed limiters cannot be applied simultaneously when filtering results in Encore: The Peer Reviewed limiter cannot be applied when the Full Text limiter is already applied in Encore, and vice versa. This results in confusion for Encore users, as the facet display suggests that both should be able to be applied simultaneously.
  • Edit Hold feature no longer works in Encore: The Edit Hold feature shows an empty title list.