Encore Release Information

Current Release: Encore 5.1

Release Notes:

Feature changes in Encore 5.1
  • The HTTPS redirect for Encore was optional in earlier releases but will be required in Encore 5.1 to ensure full functionality when redirecting to Encore via a passthrough search box or other external links to Encore pages on an Android mobile device.  Please open a ticket in the Supportal to request that the HTTPS redirect be enabled for your Encore, including Encore mobile, if it isn’t already enabled.
  • Encore search boxes in WebPAC or on library webpages that do not use the method recommended by Innovative, and documented in the Encore Staff Guide on CSDirect, for passing the search to Encore will no longer work in 5.1.  For more details, see Encore Passthrough Search Box for 5.1.
Highlighted Fixes in Encore 5.1

Requires Sierra version 5.1 or later

  • Fixed a problem where Encore wasn’t handling badly entered data in date two segment of the MARC 008
  • Fixed a problem where Milmedia thumbnails didn’t work when https redirect for webpac is enabled
  • Fixed a problem where EDS Results were not represented in the Online Availability facet count, facet counts now appear for EDS results in the Online Availability
  • Fixed text label alignment for Reading History and Lists sections of Encore mobile patron account
  • Added translation stings for Rosetta – added new key constants
    • eds_limiter_FT1_tag_text – Available in Library Collection
    • eds_limiter_FT_tag_text – Full Text
    • eds_limiter_RV_tag_text – Peer Reviewed
    • eds_expander_relatedsubjects_text – Apply equivalent subjects
    • eds_expander_thesaurus_text – Apply related words
    • eds_expander_fulltext_text – Also search within the full text of the articles
  • the following message key constants were added:
  • Fixed a problem where the email export slide in box from browse display would not load
  • Fixed a problem where RIS file format didn’t include ER (end of reference tag). This caused multiple entries to be treated as one entry by EndNote
  • Fixed a problem where no results were returned for OECDiLibrary in Encore Synergy (OECDiLibraryHTML xconnector)
  • Fixed a problem with Availability Facet and Collection/Scope facet to work without having to be applied in a specific order
  • Fixed a problem where Article preview wasn’t linking correctly in harvested Images tab
  • Fixed an indexing issue related to search terms containing hyphenated keywords
  • Fixed a problem where PDF links for EDS results in Encore were not proxied
    • is_EDS_PDF_button_enabled
    • PDF button doesn’t display when it’s disabled in Behavior
    • PDF button displays when it’s enabled in Behavior
  •  new BehaviorKeyConstant
  • Fixed a problem where Encore was reporting the wrong number of days remaining for Overdrive checkouts
  • Fixed a problem where Encore wasn’t retrieving the correct number of EDS results when Boolean operators and parentheses are used
  • Fixed a problem where xmlharvest was unable to connect to SQL from Sierra APP server when OAI URL is HTTPS
  • Fixed a problem with Chilifresh Integration not working with UPC code in 024 MARC field
  • Fixed spelling and grammar mistakes in customer facing Admin app
  • Fixed a problem where Encore login sessions were not timing out as expected
  • Fixed a problem where Innreach logo image retrieved with http instead of https on Encore page
  • Added back the Repository Name info to Harvested content data in Encore
  • Fixed a problem where the library Pass-through search form was taking users to the Encore home page instead of search results page
  • Fixed a problem where an unexpected pop-up was showing for all searches in Encore. Facets would fail to load after closing the pop-up
  • Fixed a problem where the Repository and setName metadata was not displaying on the on the Full Record pages
  • Fixed a problem with the self-upgrade manager so it no longer fails
  • Fixed a problem where EDS Facet “Publication Year” wasn’t being translated in the Encore Messages function

Make Facets configuration customer-facing

  • Ability to configure customer facing facets.
  • Sierra Admin: add a flag to disable subject facet counts.
  • Make facet configuration customer facing.

Printing Improvement

  • Added print option to My Cart.

Accessibility Improvement

  • Keyboard
    • Header active elements can be used with the keyboard.
    • Dialog windows get a keyboard focus when they are opened.
    • A set of standard keyboard commands can be used for the “Edit hold” UI widget for each search result on the search results page.
    • Info in tooltips for each search result on the search result page are accessible to keyboard.

Feature changes in Encore 5.0

  • Removed hit counts for “peer reviewed” and “full text” limiters

Highlighted Fixes in Encore 5.0

  • Fixed a problem where items were missing from the location drop-down menu in Encore advanced search screen.
  • Fixed a problem where Location and Collection facets no longer sorted alphabetically by default.
  • Added translation configuration for “AND” / “OR” that displays in the Encore search results, facet column, after applying a few facets. 
  • Fixed a problem where clicking on a bib record on the Encore search results page generated a tapestry exception that displayed in the browser.
  • Fixed a problem where additional Author field was not creating linked searches in Encore.
  • Fixed a problem with Location and Collection facets not sorting alphabetically by default.