Decision Center – Reports: Holdshelf Activity

Have you ever wondered if patrons are picking up their holds? The Holdshelf Activity Report displays the number of holds satisfied, how many are picked up and how many are left sitting there, as well as the percentage of holds that are abandoned.

To generate this report, expand the Holdshelf option under the CIRCULATION heading of the Evaluation reports. Click on Holdshelf Activity to configure the report. This will open to the initial filters page.

Set the filters according to your report criteria. Each filter will have a default setting. Clicking on EDIT will open the filter where you can refine it. Form most filters, you will have a list of available filters. To apply one of these options, move it from the Available box to the Selected box and click on OK.

Date: Set the Date filter to establish the time frame for transactions to be used for this report. Date can be set by day, month, year, or date range, with narrowing filters within each category.

Patron Type: Select the Patron Types that you would like to use to filter this report.

Physical Format: This represents the Mat Type from the bibliographic records – such as Book, Graphic Novel, Museum Pass, or DVD.

Collection: The filter represents the Item Type from the Item Records – such as Book, Music on CD, Long Loan DVD. These options are often the same as the ones in the Physical Format filter, but the Collection options are coming from the Item Record whereas the Physical Format options are coming from the Bibliographic Record.

When you have your initial filters set, click GO to generate the report.

You can set additional filters by clicking the Initial Filters option in the upper right hand section of the report.