Create List: Items by Call #

  1. Locate an empty review file large enough to contain the items in your call number range
  2. Select Search records
  3. Name your file
  4. Select store records type = item
  5. Use Range to search the entire range of item records.
  6. In the first line enter 
    Type = item | Field=Location | Condition = Starts with | Item A= your 3 letter code
  7. In the second and last line enter
    Type = item | Field=call| Condition =Between | Item A=the first call# in your range | Item B = the last call number in your range,

When entering the call number, you do not need the entire exact call number. The first call number might be, everything before the decimal.   The last might be a ficticious high number to complete the range, like 365.999.

Create lists reads the call numbers EXACTLY as they are entered in the record, and not how you may think they are entered.  Each character has a value, including spaces, and the order of the range is determined character by character, reading right to left.