Renewing Items

If a patron would like to keep an item they currently have checked out for a little longer, you may be able to renew it for them. Unless they have already renewed it the maximum number of times or if another patron has requested it, patrons are allowed to renew the item. When you “Renew” an item, you are basically re-checking it out to the patron with a later due date.

Patron can also renew their own items by logging into their online account in Encore, the MHLS catalog.

Begin as you would for a check out, from the “Check Out (Circulation Desk)” function and enter the patron’s library card barcode/name to get into their record.

Click on the “Checked-Out Items” tab on the left of the screen. It is the second tab down in the patron’s account and lists the items the patron currently has checked out, displaying information about the checked out items, such as the barcode, call number, due date, etc. To renew one (or more) of the items, select the check box to the right of the record(s) you wish to renew.

When you select an item to renew, the renew button will become ‘live’ and you can click on it to renew the item.

If the item is able to be renewed, you will get a POP-UP message informing you that the renewal was successful.

Acknowledge this message and click on the close button to complete the transaction.