High Demand Holds Report

From the Function drop-down menu, select High-Demand Holds.

From the High-Demands Holds page, switch to Selected Pickup Location and select your library.

Clicking on the Create Report button will generate a report of all current outstanding requests placed by your patrons.

The results will display bib/item information such as the Title, Author, and Material Type. It also provides request information, which you can use to determine if your library should purchase the title. System Holds tells the total number of holds outstanding throughout the entire MHLS shared catalog, System Items is the number of copies currently in the catalog. Local Holds are the number of requests from your patrons and Local Items is the number of copies owned by your library.

In order for a title to appear on this list the number of outstanding requests much exceed the threshold set in Sierra for your library. If you believe that the threshold is too low or too high, contact techsupport@midhudson.org to adjust the threshold.